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Supermarket Refrigeration

Hamilton-Clark excel in the supermarket refrigeration sector,  providing first class engineering and making use of our impartial and extensive knowledge in supermarket refrigeration deign.

Supermarket refrigeration energy consumption is the principle overhead and should be the first concideration. We are proud to have provided our clients with refrigeration systems and equipment that arguably sets a new bench-mark in the refrigerated retail sector. We regularly provide total solutions where  lowest first cost, supermarket energy efficiency, sustainability, heat recovery and quality are collectively delivered. We are very proud of our track record in this sector and believe that we have a unique client biased service that genuinely provides market leading solutions!

By employing natural refrigerant solutions such as transcritical carbon dioxide supermarket refrigeration systems, the use of doors on refrigerated multi-deck cases and designing bespoke supermarket heat recovery systems, our projects are incredibly energy efficient and low carbon. Our experiences and data prove that this route will and should be the main stream future of supermarket refrigeration.

Hamilton-Clark have written for many industry magazines and provided advisory editorials for the food retail press and are known for being experts in COand heat recovery systems.

Aside from the engineering we also have extensive knowledge and experiencing procuring supermarket refrigeration cabinets such as frozen food cases, serve-over counters, multi-deck cases and spot merchandisers. Importantly, with a client bias we extract both the best prices and service from the major supermarket refrigeration equipment manufactures such as;

  • Carrier Linde
  • Arneg
  • Epta
  • Hauser
  • Euro Cryor (Cryor)
  • Norpe
  • Kaplanlar

By utilising a design, specification and tender process provided by us, you are ensuring that you are able to obtain incredible transparent value for market leading supermarket refrigerated display cases.

Our Tender analysis is comprehensive, detailed reports or lifecycle cots can be commissioned that consider maintenance, Direct and Refrigeration Energy usage (DEC + REC = TotalEC) depreciation and  inflation. Whilst otter technical tender analysis and reports include volume and display area comparisons.

We also have great knowledge and experience in supermarket refrigeration monitoring and control systems. These systems can offer an excellent user interface. They must be commissioned correctly and then maintained /updated regular.

We pride ourselves on designing cutting edge, energy efficient, sustainable and reliable supermarket refrigeration systems, which is why our clients retain our services.

Whether a project is large or small, we understand the factors involved. Our design and tender packages are industry renowned and provide real return on investment ensuring that you, our client, receive fundamentally, systems designed to meet your needs that operate with maximum efficiencies, at the best possible price and with the shortest pay back periods.

Our extensive track record in this industry has seen us involved with:

  • Supermarket Chains
  • Major Hotel & Leisure Chains
  • Restaurants
  • Garden Centres & Farm Shops
  • Universities
  • HM Prisons
  • Sports Facilities
  • Defence Support Group (DSG)

We have a wealth of experience and we’re proud to put our name to the projects we work on. We are dedicated to providing, professional, cost effective and practical solutions, with energy efficiency and sustainability at the core.

We are never ‘too busy’ to assist or provide advice whenever it is required.

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